Sunday, July 24, 2011

Share story: Kem Millennium, Beranang another side story

Before you read this story, I hope everyone would not ask me who is he and everything else about him....My story has no romantic side to it, no right or wrong. This is just a simple story in my simple life.

I'll give him a name....Asri.(Not a real name) The first time I knew about him was the first time all the muslim pelatihs went to surau. when we prayed for Maghrib, I swear I thought the Imam's voice was coming from a CD player. It was soooo beautiful, my eyes started to shed tears. I thought itwas an Ustaz that the government hired. Apparently, he was no more than a boy at my age. he was also from my home area. Coincidence, I guess. There weren't many Selangor-eans yet, only from Kajang at that time. But, I never knew his face at that time....

I started to know about him when I found out that some of my friends fancy him. I didn't fancy him at first cos I just wanted to know him, that's all. I wanted to thank him for saving my friend from "emotional disturbances". Don't ask what it is.... So, my friends and I went to the Logistic cos we wanted to change our baju celoreng to a new one cos we're goin to the PICC to meet Pn. Rosmah, PM's wife. That's when I met him...My friend called him and asked can she be his friend. He nodded shyly at first and I also said "aku pun mo kwan juga". He looked at me as if he never met me before. So did I, with a smile. My friend, ANI, asked " bila ko mo bagi hp no ko?", he looked down at his shoes and then looked up, he said " nanti...nanti". I studied his face, it's as if he didn't seem too eager to give his hp. no. to ANI. I looked at him, and I felt my chest was 'chilled' for a moment. My friend thought of giving up on getting him, if you understand.

I saw him again near the Koperasi by accident and called him."Asri, bolehkah ko bagi ak hp. no. ko?" I asked, again he said the same word. "NANTI". I got myself interested with this boy, cos he wasn't like the other guys at my camp. But, I wasn't sure yet. I thought maybe I shouldn't force him to give his no. cos it's his right anyway.... So, I tried to get to know him a little better. He was really 'alim'. No wonder I felt a 'chill' in my chest. As time past, I knew him more got closer to him a little bit. I somehow felt happy just being near him and he had this goofy smiled on his face made me think it's cute. I couldn't near him since he has a 'ustaz' reputation written on his forehead.

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