Tuesday, May 10, 2011


To be honest, although I was totally excited to go to PLKN, deep down, I wish I could escape from it. Because I never see myself to be away in a camp for three months, after spending 5 years in a boarding school. Plus, I was afraid of getting sunburn (read: darker).

Coincidentally, when I was in the PLKN, I was also waiting for my interview result, whether or not I get the SPC (that's Skim Pelajar Cemerlang to you). I don't really put high hopes in the result, but knowing that I had a chance to actually 'run away' from the camp, I was kinda...relieved I guess. It would be the best of both worlds for me, if I get the SPC, because I managed to join the PLKN, even just for a while, and get a (kind of) scholarship.

So with the idea of me not going to stay till the end at the camp, I don't really care to make friends. I mean, why bother when you're leaving early? Thus, I don't really open up to other people, I don't bother to remember their names etc etc.

And the day for the result arrived. At that time, I was waiting for my turn to do medical check up. Seeing that I won't be called any time soon, I sneaked out to call mum, and asked how's my result. Guess what. I didn't get it. At first I thought mum was playing some cruel joke, but then, she's not. So yeah. There's my dream of gong away from this place, blown away in matter of seconds.

I cried and cried, until a trainer saw me and asked what's wrong (I don't really remember what I/my friend who was with me at that time said). And then came this guy, a trainee, out of nowhere. OK kidding. He came out from the clinic/sick bay. He saw me crying and he asked what's wrong and he urge me to stop crying and smile.

And with that, our little friendship starts.

After composing myself, I realized that I was stuck at the camp till the end. So I said to myself, better start memorizing the other trainees' names and make more friends, or I'll be forever alone for the rest of my time here. And that changed my attitude towards them. I was starting to open up a bit, actually participate in activities, and most importantly, I started to make myself comfortable with the people and environment there.

And I get to know plenty of people too. There's Jamal, whom I like to call King, because he called me princess (no there's nothing scandalous about that. haha), there's Syaza, my buddy in the Character Building class, Moniey, Wani and Mia, the girls I spent my time with most of the time, Cat, Ain, and this one fair, petite girl whom unfortunately I forgot her name, whom I like to listen to them talking because I just love their Sarawak slang, Melissa, whom taught me a bit of Chinese, Neel, the guy who saw me crying earlier (and since then, every time he saw me, he'll asked me to smile) and so much more.

Oh and now I'm missing them :(

Will post their pics later :)

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