Friday, April 8, 2011

The Letter Came

Forgive my deteriorating memory (walaupun masih muda, tapi cepat lupa -__-") but I forgot when we went to PLKN. Yang penting aku 1st batch for tahun 2010 punya sesi laa. Oh wait. I think I went there around 3rd of January, 2010. Maybe la. Itupun after digging up older blog posts. Sorry guys, I don't think I could write much when it comes to dates and facts, because I totally have minimum recollection of PLKN and I got confused with the dates, plus my diary (yes I wrote a diary when I was in PLKN) is back at home and I'm very very far away from home so just bear with me for whatever I wrote OK?

So the first time I checked whether I got PLKN or not was via SMS. Then loooong after that, the letter came to my house and yes I was very excited that time. Haha. Posted it on my FB and the typical responses I got were congrats (with sarcasm, of course), about me getting sun burn, and other people saying which camp they got.

Meh nothing much to say about this, other than the fact that I got the letter from PLKN. Haha.

During the lapor diri, terasa macam #foreveralone because I didn't know anyone. OK tipu. Haha. But seriously, I felt a bit alone. Haha. Yeah I know we're supposed to make friends and all that stuff but I guess I'm just not that friendly.

Em. This post is getting boring. I will just end it right here. Haha. Please wait for my next post (that I have noooo idea when I have the time to write, since I will be having my exam at the end of this month and siladoakanyangterbaikuntuksayaecehhsempatlagi :P)


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